The Revolt

It is understandable that this group of people that were being oppressed for a long time by their masters would want to seek vengeance over their oppressors but in a way this was executed as described by Nat Tucker’s confession may have not been the best way for his follows as well as other slaves. In his mind he may have felt he had all reason to do what he did but all and all he didn’t free all slaves so, did nothing more then make white people afraid that their slaves would try to rise up against them, by this causing them to take action to avoid it.  By his revolt he cost the unnecessary lives of many and further affecting the lives of people not involved. I feel as if there could have been a more effective way of dealing with it although his reaction was understandable due to the living situation.

Depiction of the revolt through the view of a white person at the time
Depiction of the revolt through the view of a white person at the time

Now to the Murder of a Daughter story that seems to just be cruel and since the story is not told from the perspective of the dead daughter I don’t think it will ever tell all the abuse I am sure this girl must have gone through if her parents were willing to feed her own excrements during her sickness. The punishment of the parents was extremely forgiving to the death of their daughter, which probably shouldn’t have been only manslaughter.

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  1. I thought the Benjamin Franklin story was pretty revolting too, and that the parents probably should have been punished with some of the methods Foucault wrote about.
    But he’s trying to provoke that kind of reaction, isn’t he? What might his motive be for that?

    1. I would think he was trying to provoke that type of reaction to cause chaos to seek vengeance as well as rearrange their social status by installing fear to their masters as they did but I am just thinking this probably wasn’t the best method to carry out change.

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