Not Actual Murder

It is hard to think that a lot of deaths from people killing other people are not considered murder of the first degree but as manslaughter and therefore the offender is punished less severely. And yeah it makes it sound as if some get away with taking the life of another for a lesser to no price but I think it should be considered that in crimes of passion in which the offender is in an unstable mental state they act purely on what they their emotions say. By this when they awake and realize what they have done it can take a huge toll on them also. Such as if a man finds out his wife cheated on him, one would of course be angry and hurt, some more than others and if the husband overreacted and accidentally killed her at that moment is different than if he had planned for months then killed her so that he could once again be single. There is a huge difference in these situations in the first one he obviously loved her dearly which cause him to be so unstable while the other was just pure evil which is why I am confused why in the Crime News from California its trying to clump crimes of passion with cold blooded murder.

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  1. I think Bierce isn’t necessarily giving the ok to cold blooded murder, but he is sort of making it likable to the reader. No one wants to just read a story about someone killing their spouse in cold blood, they want a good tv-drama like story to go with it. I think his portrayal of the crimes was funny yet serious (even with all the little funny parts)

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