In Cold Blood 2

It is weird to think that Perry could have been a paranoid schizophrenic the whole time and him being the one that wasn’t sure whether to continue with the crime or not was the one that confessed to committing all four murders. Sadly although Perry was the one that perform the horrible crime, I still feel as if his death was a tragedy since he could have been mentally ill and he had been through so much when he was younger only to have his life end this way. I assume this is how Capote purposefully wrote this story because Dick was set up seeming as an average day criminal while Perry was somewhat different causing you to feel a little bad for Perry and not so much Dick. I am sure the murderers would be portrayed a lot different if the story focused on who the family was.

Perry (top) and Dick's (bottom) mugshots
Perry (top) and Dick’s (bottom) mugshots

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