Helter Skelter

I did not like this movie. The policemen kept easing up evidence; they walked all over the crime scene and touched the gun by the handle, then didn’t give it to the detectives in the case. Then in the end yeah they convict Manson but he got out of the death penalty and was eligible for parol same with his family. This really bothered me because he did not care for what happened to the Manson family or himself because I think he truly thought he was another Jesus.

This movie was a better way of learning about Manson and his crimes because we actually could see what was happening but it was extremely boring and if I didn’t have to watch the movie for class I would have either fallen asleep and or just ended immediately. I watched it with two other people that I believe could not stand it as well. We watched it literally criticizing the police the whole time even though they were the good guys. It also depicted the Mason as crazy people even though I’m sure they had to be a little more down to earth to be able to attract so many people, I am sure they could have been so psycho looking. To conclude do not watch this movie.

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