When I first started watching GoodFellas I realized that I had already seen this movie. I seriously did not think this was based off a real story. This actually helped me get into the movie further. I think making a movie out off the Lecchese crime was a great idea. This allowed them to show how the gang worked from the inside and though you were an insider like Henry Hill or Tommy DeVino it was still dangerous because you could get sacked by people above you or you’re own friends. It shows how owing money, getting money, or even lack of respect could cause you to be killed. The characters in the story lived fabulous lives from stealing and trading things yet they cannot live to large that they are detected. If this was told in a book, I feel as if it would have been harder to captivate the actual fear that some had for the people in the crime family and how random their acts of violence could truly be. It would be harder to follow along and some important information could just as easily slip through our minds since the actual expression and actions are not seen with our own eyes although the movie is based on the novel Wiseguys.GoodFellas

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