I found the comic as a very interesting way to share information about a topic, it is short and to the point yet very informative. To start off with I had never heard of the Ohio Gang and had not studied Harding very much either and though this did show the presidency in a negative light, I feel as if it did highlight the connection between the Ohio Gang and Harding pretty clearly. Harding was not all bad as depicted he did sign/pass the first child welfare program and first to pursue world security through arms regulation and reduction so he did do some work as a president. Yet I am sure at the time he seemed as a horrible person as Richard Nixon did in the Watergate scandal. The media just has a way of painting a certain picture in everyones mind of a topic.

And back to the actual use of the comic to share this information also reminded me of this book my RA let me borrow this comic book/textbook about the prison system in the US called The Real Cost of Prisons Comix, which is weird how one can get so much information from drawings.

Here is a Political Cartoon on Muckraking: Clearly it depicts the artist opinion on the necessity of investigating the presidency


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