“Isabella” was created using Twine. I decided to keep the layout fairly simple as to not take away from the story. I also added images to each passage to help illustrate the narrative. Currently the story has 2 hypothetical situations, 2 concrete situations, and can take 7-12 minutes to run every situation. For my final project, I plan to add more situation to my story. After reading each outcome you learn about different characters in Isabella’s life, how they were all connected and how each character secretly felt about Isabella. “Isabella” was inspired by different Spanish novellas and the amount of drama involved with each show. I also drew inspiration from the Clue game in which there are multiple suspects to the murder each with a valid motive to kill the deceased. I thought by combining the novella type drama and the Clue game it would produce an interesting story. As you play “Isabella”, you play Camila a friend of the main character, Isabella. Camila discovers different clues as to how Isabella died. I believe the story has multiple meanings. One being that no matter what life throws at you and whoever tries to bring you down, you are strong and you will survive whether it is in this world or the next. In this optimistic approach, I believe the story also symbolizes that even in the face of death you will be okay and that life is too short to hold on to negativity.

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