Chapter 10 Vocabulary

UIAlertControllerStyle.ActionSheet – used to present the user with a list of actions from which to choose from. This method is used if a user can back out of a decision or the action is not critical.

UIAlertControllerStyle.Action – used to display critical information o require the user to decide how to proceed.

Modal View Controller – takes over the screen until it has finished.

Design Pattern – solves common software engineering problems. Contains ideas and/or approaches to use in the application.

Types of Design Patterns:

  • Delegation – one objects gives certain responsibilities to another object.
  • Data Source – is responsible for providing data to another object when requested.
  • Model-View-Controller – each object fulfills a role:
    • model – data
    • view – displays the user interface
    • controller – ties the model and view together
  • Target-action pairs – one objects calls a method on another object