Yasunao Tone

Yasunao Tone is a very diverse Japanese artist. He was born in Tokyo, Japan and graduated from Chiba Japanese National University, majoring in Japanese literature. He is known mostly for his musical works.

Although the high pitch sounds in MP3 Deviation #6 are somewhat difficult to listen through, his work is has many different sounds. Some remind me of a peaceful waterfall which is ironic when he has the very distracting, game likeĀ  sounds playing at the same times. It almost sounds like one was playing Super Mario or something when they encountered a annoying glitch.

Similar to MP3 Deviation #6, Man Yo 36-37 507417 Xero Crossings also has very annoying sounds that are very hard to get passed or listen to. When I listen to these piece it makes me wonder whether he was trying to create some EDM when he encountered these obnoxious noises that manage to catch your interest as well.

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