Takeshi Murata

Takeshi Murata is an amazing digital artist, he works with prints, digital sculptures, and projections. Although I did not know who Takeshi Murata was prior to this blog post, I did immediately recognize his art works.

I greatly enjoyed this piece in that he created an animated sculpture using a variety of still photographs while rotating the image to create this work of art. I love that the ripples of the surface resemble the ripples in water creating a calming effect. As well as the silver color of the entire object itself to give it a futuristic vibe. These two effects combine may attempt to make a statement of the future. Although the future is still unknown, there is nothing to worry about, stay calm and live on.

3AM (2012)

Another collection that I enjoyed was the pigment prints due to the physical absence of man. Each image depicts an abandon room reminding me of how bachelor pads are depicted on TV.  Due to the absence of man I believe this is a visual representation of a man’s past as he grows up and becomes a family man. Another idea I believe these image may be presenting is the sad reality of being a bachelor. In the movies and TV shows a bachelor is depicted as this cool guy who has no care in the world other than sleeping around, drinking, doing drugs, playing games, and eating. Though this fun image of a bachelor may not always be true, though it may all be for show and in these prints the loneliness inside can be seen.

Bullseye (2012)

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