Pipilotti Rist


Pipilotti is a visual artist who is mainly known for her video art. Similarly as Jenny Holzer, Pipilotti also works with though on a smaller scale.

Sip My Ocean is a very peaceful piece that I really enjoyed. Although I am unsure if the music is part of the performance I believe it really enhanced the experience. Being a huge fan of the ocean I really appreciated the different shots in the video. I love that the whole film didn’t only include the blue ocean, there were different hues as well as shots of people which got me to question the purpose of the video.

On a different note I didn’t like Be Nice to Me as much, probably since it is somewhat unsettling to watch her drag her face across the glass, smearing make up and slobbering. I do like that she used a face since it is readily available and as the piece describes it turns the body into an instrument. This reminds me of our scanner projects and how multiple people used their hands and faces to create beautiful images.

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