Marco Brambilla

Marco Brambilla was born in Milan, Italy and now based New York artist. Marco attended Ryerson University. He creates video collages and is known for his re-contextualizations of popular and found imagery.

When you first enter Marco Brambilla webpage, you encounter one of his many works, “Countdown (Apollo XVIII)” 2015.  “Apollo XVIII  is a multi-channel video installation which interprets man’s relationship to space exploration and presents an imagined mission to the moon; a mission born in the virtual age.” I enjoyed this piece because is imitated an actual event in such a dramatic way in which it makes you wonder how it must have been to view the Apollo launch live in Times Square. Th way the video is very dramatic it seems as if it is part of a very interesting movie. The imitation  of the real event is also meant to question the nature of fact and fiction, which is not obvious at first.

Another work that caught my attention is his “Materialization/De-materialization” 2013 piece, in which these simple rings turn into a rings made up of human silhouettes. The video represents how characters from Star Trek de- materialize when they teleport and then re- materialize at their destination. Without this information it makes you question the existence of the life and how humans can only survive depending on others.

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