Jeremy Blake

Jeremy Blake

Jeremy Blake was a digital artist and painter. He worked mainly with DVD projections, prints, and collaborative film projects. Although Blake is no longer with us his vibrant work lives on.

Going through most of his work I realized that he uses many bright colors in his works to catch the eye. Although, most of his work combines different bright colors into one image, the colors aren’t overwhelming which I find quite impressive.

I really enjoy his digital prints colors and images though I believe they would be more influential if rather then being prints they were 3-D installations. I would have greatly enjoyed walking through an installation such as The Witch’s Cap with long neon lights or lasers leaning on walls while the walls and floors were covered in prints. Same goes for the All Mod Cons where layers of colored glass could be vertically installed so that the viewers could weave through the different layers that were used to create this effect.

Digital C- Prints:

Jeremy Blake detail image
The Witch’s Cap (2004)
Jeremy Blake detail image
All Mod Cons (2001)


Jeremy Blake - Nobody's Child
Nobody’s Child (2004)
Jeremy Blake detail image
Spiritual (2002)

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