Week 7 Midterm Ideas

Throughout the week I have been brainstorming ideas for a midterm project. My goal for this project is to complete the application with the minimum amount of outside help. The following is a list of topics for the project:

  • agenda
  • multi-topic quiz with user input
  • calculator
  • shopping list/ check list

I have decided to implement the calculator application for the midterm. I will be recreating the basic built-in calculator on an iPhone.

Week 1

This week has been really interesting to learn about how iOS applications. I have only gotten through the first two Chapters of iOS programming 5th Edition: The Big Nerd Ranch and barely made a dent in my journey to learning the ins and out of iOS programming. In Chapter 1 we covered how to create a project in Xcode. In Chapter 2 we covered the basis of Swift language. If you have never programmed before I would recommend taking getting some practice prior to learning Swift solely on this book.

Chapter note:

Chapter 1: A Simple iOS Application

Chapter 2: The Swift Language

Chapter vocabulary:

Chapter 1 vocabulary

Chapter 2 vocabulary