Scanner Edition

Representative Compositions:

I chose to use the “Broken Galaxy” as my representational composition. I actually created this piece on accident when I stepped on my glass sheet that was covered in glitter, I was going to photograph it at first but then I realized this would make a great scanner piece due to the reflection of the glitter and glass. Prior to making the “Broken Galaxy” I created “iSpy” which was intended to be scanner art of things that make and I continued to add components due to its resemblance to the I Spy books.



Non-Representative Composition:

I chose to use the “Flower Glitch” because the black and white flowers had a calming, peaceful effect on the erratic foil in the photo. I went for a minimalist approach on both non-representative compositions shown. I had a piece of silver fabric foil, used in both pieces, which reflect the scanner light very nicely. Though, I did really enjoy “The Flowered Vine” because of it’s vibrant colors as well as its illusion of a flat object.

BW flower scan


Appropriation Project

Final Product:




This is suppose to be somewhat ironic in that you have so much hype to Disneyland but this piece is basically a run down Disneyland in a swamp. I used the castle image provided as the background and used the boulders and rocks from the beach image to further downgrade the mote by adding an island and boulders to the grass near the opening of the castle. I also added an excited prom girl that reminded me of a dressed up princess though her dull color fit into the irony. I then used the pink orchid (given) and a purple wildflower to line the mote bridge and the paper lantern flowers to the towers to resemble fire to overall contrast the irony of the run down castle. Lastly I added an alligator and the Disneyland logo to the the swamp and castle to give reference to my idea.

Original photos:

Bodiam Castle, East Sussex, UK





One Tool Project

I used the Clone Stamp tool to combine the this image of a turtle and the bio-luminescence pattern to create a glitter effect on the water. (Click on the photos to enlarge)

For my second tool I used the spot healing brush tool to clean up the face, ear, and surrounding of this baby bulldog.

For my last tool I used the blur tool to bring the focus back to the wildflowers and evergreen trees rather than the mountains in the background and pink flowers in the front of the photo.


What is DIGI?

What is digital art? Digital Art is a smaller division of the broader category Art. It is essentially art that uses (digital) technology as a fundamental part of the creative process.

What is the future of digital art? I personally believe that the future of digital are is grand; it is only expanding into today’s society. It is embedded and is used in our daily lives such as our entertainment activities (TV, movies, the internet), it can be seen on the media (the news, Facebook, and other social medias).


The following are some examples of digital art: